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Three Years Strong

The national group, Urban Land Institute, projects that real estate will grow on a national level by 13% from 2015-2017 due to factors such as: net job growth and accessible financing for borrowers. As a nation, average home prices are projected to be grow as follows 2015:+5%, 2016:+4%, 2017:+4%.

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Bay Area Employment 10% Higher than Pre-recession Levels

The California unemployment rate has reduced by 6% since 2010. The Bay Area in particular is experiencing job growth and employment is 10% higher than in 2010. As people are drawn to the Bay Area for job opportunities – it can be assumed that there will be an increase in density.
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Mayor Libby’s Vision for Oakland

Since being elected in January, Mayor Libby Shaffe has set the budget for the next two years for Oakland.  The key priority of the two year budget includes strengthening public safety in Oakland by adding 40 headcount to the police force.

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Know Local

The Neighborhood Gems of East Oakland: King Estates & Sheffield Village

I thought it would a good idea to share a few Oakland neighborhood gems – I have come across in recent months. Both neighborhoods feature 1940s-50s homes.

King Estates
King Estates has a country feel as these cozy homes sit on a large grassy lots while has the convenience of being 10 minutes from Lake Merritt . It sits flush with the open expansive park – King Estates Open Space Park. Recent 6 month home sales show the median price for a 2 bedroom home goes for mid $500s and 3 bedroom in the $600s.

Sheffield Village
The Sheffield Village sits above 580 on the border of Oakland and San Leandro. This community is tree lined with 1940s homes and is adjacent to Lake Chabot Park.  It’s a quaint neighborhood with its own proud community with well maintained amenities.  Based on recent home sales – the median price for a 3 bedroom is in the mid 600s.

Monthly Picks: Sweat It Out

Whether indoor or outdoor — it’s a fine thing to get the blood flowing and build physical/mental strength. Check out my below picks for keeping active in the East Bay.

Upper Left: Cleveland Cascade (Cleveland Heights – Oakland)
This elegant set of three tiered stairs was built in 1923 and sits across from Lake Merritt.  Today, it is highly frequented by workout buffs. The Cascade is heavily shaded by trees and  at the top features great views of the elegant Bellevue-Staten Building and Lake M. I personally guarantee that 20 minutes of non stop hustling on the Cascades will get your obliques talking to you the next day.

Upper Right: Lake Merritt (Lake Merritt )

Lake Merritt is a central feature of Oakland – its perimeter is 3.4 miles and makes it the perfect place for joggers, walkers, bikers, commuters, and lake faring boaters. In recent years, the foot traffic has increased ten fold.  It happens to be my mainstay for training for half marathons and serves as the perfect spot for walking meetings. Lake Merritt will never let me down. 
Lower Left: Bridges Rock Gym (El Cerrito)
Bridges Rock Gym has a multitude of rock walls for bouldering. Apparently, they change their rock courses each week.A few months ago, a friend invited to Bridges to give boulder climbing a try. 15 minutes in – my forearms were wailing and I quickly retreated to the tight rope zone.  On a positive note, I found my climbing and balancing baseline. Alas, one day I should give it another try. 
Lower Right: Bladium (Navy Base – Alameda)
This mega gym is housed in an old Navel Base hanger on the West End of Alameda.  Along with the standard gym fare (machines) – it has volleyball courts, indoor climbing walls, a boxing ring, an indoor soccer field, and some 70+ group classes. Admittedly, I only attend the Barre classes with the amazing Ro.  Barre classes have got me on an emotional pattern –  I grimace throughout the hour and always leave happy I did it.


There are kind souls out there for those – thanks Nick from Bay Sotheby’s for taking the time to help save my phone. Thank you Stew for your magic sauce. Congrats to Stuart and Carolyn on their Tudor home purchase in Oakland!

If you or someone you know are looking for a thoughtful, responsive realtor in the East Bay – please do not hesitate to contact me! Referrals are the heart of soul of my business!

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Three Years Strong

Bay Area Employment 10% Higher Than Pre-recession Levels

The Neighborhood Gems of East Oakland: King Estates & Sheffield Village

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