photo credit: fresh larger than life A’s mural on 19th St between Webster and Franklin in Oakland photo taken by @phil97na







Stay A’s, Just Stay




It was announced earlier this month that the Raiders are headed to Las Vegas.The Warriors will soon be moving to San Francisco in 2019.  Though there had been speculation in the past year about the A’s moving to San Jose or Fremont — the A’s are in fact staying.

Welcomed Changes. The A’s have a new owner (Dave Kavel) who is coming with a few welcomed changes. The stadium is now re-named the Rickey Henderson Field in honor of the A’s star and the A’s former glory days of the 80s. The Coliseum will be rolling out food trucks on a regular basis –16 trucks during the big games and 8 trucks during the weekday games in efforts to provide better food options. For many years, the A’s had the 3rd deck tarped off – this will bring 12,000 more seats to the stadium at $15 apiece. Hurray for cheap tickets!

In light of these welcomed changes – how can I not make it to a few games? Admittedly, I’m not into watching sports, I do however enjoy a good tailgate party catching up with friends and walking into the game at the middle of the 3rd inning.





New Inventory in North Oakland!
The Emerson: 6465 San Pablo Ave 

This 33 unit building on San Pablo Ave is on the edge of Oakland and Emeryville — it is the tallest building in the neighborhood with 7 floors each with 6 units per floor.  It was constructed in 2008 and — Viola — — they are now selling each unit – we now have new housing stock!Each unit is composed of 2 bedroom and 2 baths with upscale finishes. Given the intimate size of the building – there are an abundance of corner units (80% of the 33 units). The units are bright and airy. A few of the floor plans allow for the perfect roommate situation whereby the bedrooms are separated by a living room.The East facing units look out to the prized Berkeley Hills with views of the handsome Claremont Hotel and the Campanelli tower. The West facing units give you the view of the City, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and the Marin Headlines. All residents can enjoy the spacious west facing roof top deck on the 7th floor.

On the ground, there are many conveniences: a bus stop to MacArthur Bart, casual carpool, Berkeley Bowl West, Prizefighter Bar, Pebble’s Donut Farm, moments away from Berkeley . . .

If I were in the market – I would give these units strong consideration. Pricing begins at 615 and can go up to 800 based upon views and floor plan. Currently, they have about 20 units left.

There are a myriad of financing options with low down payment programs. It allows for the right Buyer to purchase without having to go through the bidding process like many re-sale situations.  With the boots on the ground, I can attest to the challenges all Buyers face when writing an offer on properties with multiple offers. The Emerson provides an elegant solution.

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Personal Notes






Re-defining Athletics




Our relationship with activity begins as children at play. As the only girl with two brothers close in age, I was a tomboy who enjoyed playing tag around the dining table – running into walls and corners. Those reckless days are over – yet the need to move so necessary. Movement is living. There were periods in my life in the 20’s where I lived a sedentary corporate life. It left me depressed. More than anything my inactivity left me with uninspired. Certainly, there are some good by-products to exercise which include: the strong desire to drink water, and limitless eating. Most of all getting active is a reminder that often times the hardest thing to do is to simply get into some workout clothes (the workout will follow). Getting started is the hardest part of the workout!

I am beginning to re-define my relationship with running. It’s been 9 months since I’ve ran my last race (Big Sur, 21 miles). Though it was a lovely run – I began to feel to mild pain in my hip-flexor. I took 3 months off.

Since last year, I’ve seen a physical therapist for my hip-flexor and even had my running form analyzed. Having a professional watch me on the track has been helpful. Some big takeaways are: instead of running at 90 beats a minute – I was running 70 beats a minute. My hips were not square. My legs tended fall behind my body. I’ve taken the last 3 months to re-program. I run with a metronome app at 180 beats a minute while playing my music/podcast in the background. I am not in love with the new form of running – my pace has fallen back by 1 minute.  I am totally humbled – I hold no expectations about speed or distance. It’s important for us to listen to our bodies. I earnestly hope I won’t give up running entirely.

It’s now been three years since I’ve gone to Barre class consistently. It helps when your instructor has the body of Madonna. I go to Barre twice a week. I am always feel challenged and am constantly a work in progress. Strength training has never been something that I have enjoyed. Going to class, helps me keep consistent – its a plug and play type of system.

Final Thoughts
We have to be fluid in the way we keep moving. Each individual can only see progress in their on way – there is no need for comparing yourself to another individual.  I’m beginning to consider Yoga as away to establish better mobility and for increased mind/body connection. As I celebrate each birthday, I am beginning to realize that stretching and rolling is crucial to heal muscles and joints.

Other activities I am seriously considering are: paddle-boarding and light skateboarding (in a well paved parking lot). These new activities might just help keep the wind in my hair, and the skip in my step.




Quick Bite: Peking Duck




A Berkeley friend and resident many months ago gave me her list of best eats in Berkeley. I finally visited Great China in Downtown Berkeley last week. The Peking duck is to die for. Rather than the standard buns — the duck is accompanied by thin delicate crepes. The duck skin is light and crispy with tons of dark meat. Meanwhile, the restaurant has a great open space and has a good selection of beers to choose from. Thank you Rosa!




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