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Homage to St. Valentine
a pink house, pink spaces, pink objects to commemorate the day of <3





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Cozy & Close To 4th Street (Berkeley)
After a solid year of searching in North Oakland, my clients refocused and decided that Berkeley was indeed a community that they were excited about.
Congrats Z&F on getting into escrow on a cozy home off 4th street!









Personal Notes






KonMari Method – Does It Spark Joy?




There is a light feeling that comes over me when I stay in a hotel or a neat and clean Airbnb. I feel unburdened without clutter. As I mentioned in the January 2017 newsletter, Phil and I did a fair amount de-cluttering in December. I decided to dig deeper by giving  “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (written by Marie Kondo) a read after hearing about it from different sources.

In recent years, I have been trying to live a more intentional life. Though I do suffer some FOMO – I want to be able to make decisions for myself rather than merely following the crowd. Going through the process of de-cluttering and tidying helps reinforce the idea of living an intentional life. Assessing the objects in your life will also help you assess where you are in your life. Surround yourself with joy. Why not create an environment around you that is intentional and fuels you with energy? Energy is something we could all use a lot more of.

This book was a light casual read. She builds a case for why its best to discard extraneous goods by category first and then organize.

Here are some high level steps:

1. Discard things in one shot.
She encourages discarding things in one shot. When you make an extreme change – it helps you examine your inner state. Set a deadline.

Does it spark joy? Focus on what you want to keep rather than what to get rid of.

2. Tidy and respect your chosen pieces.
After having discarded extraneous items – it is important to respect each selected item by giving it a designated home.She goes into ferocious detail how to organize and fold clothes. She has Youtube videos that are helpful.

Here are some golden nuggets that I picked up from this read:

  • Go category by category –  not by room by room. Often times we have the same kind of objects hidden in different rooms. It’s helpful to pull all items by category to help you realize where you have redundancies. Start from easiest to hardest (clothes, books, documents, mementos).
  • Downgrading clothing to lounge-wear is taboo.
  • Realize that objects have different value in our life: functional, informational, and sentimental. 

Kondo will be coming to the USF campus on March 6th at 6.30 PM for an upcoming talk. Check it out here if you are interested. I’ll be there. I haven’t executed the KonMari method yet — but I hope to make it happen in 2017. Keep you posted.






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