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Our Pets Give Our Homes Character




Pets have a way of integrating into our lives. They greet us when we arrive home – need our presence – we need their presence – they can be soft. They are who we miss and talk about when we go on trips. Their presence calms us especially when we are having an anxious day. Here are some of my client’s family members.

A Watson loves hanging with his best friend Eddie (See F) and eating dairy treats (cheese & ice cream). Oakland B Samson & Delilah: Delilah is the boss of the household – check out that photo! Both S&D enjoy hanging out on the decks that face Redwood trees – they dream of catching squirrels. Berkeley Hills C Stella & Rudy. Stella is the bigger of these two American hairless terriers. Stella enjoys cuddles, while distinguished Rudy prefers walks in nature. Brisbane D Murphy: This soft pup while sweet enjoys stealing food from counter tops. Contraband can taste so good. Oakland E Mocha and 8Ball. Mocha – the dog – likes the standard dog activities of: walk, run, eat, and sniff in no particular order. 8Ball – the cat – enjoys pizza. North Berkeley F Eddie is a Frenchie who has mutual G Penny and Coco: Penny the German Shepherd is protective of her owner. Coco is relaxed and diplomatic. Hayward Hills H Hugo enjoys peanut butter out of jars. He co-habitates with a pack of hens. Oakland. I Butch (Cassidy) and Sunny (Sundance): These two cats love to chow on cheese. Oakland.

I want to say thank you to my clients for sharing!



The Fed met last week to discuss the state of the economy. As the economy has been strong – they concluded that they would raise the federal reserve rate by a quarter of a point. They plan on two additional hikes this year. Mortgage interest rates are tied to many factors including the federal reserve rate.

In the last decade, due to our last recession in 2008, the Fed had only raised rates by a quarter of a point in 2016. As mentioned, it looks like there will be a total of three hikes in 2017. We have yet to see how these small increases will impact housing demand in the East Bay. I’ll keep you posted.

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In Contract in the Oakland Hills
My Buyer got into contract on the serene and peaceful 1815 Northwood Court!  It is a spacious home surrounded by trees with sweeping bay views and bridges!








Personal Notes






Meet Our Companion, Lentils.




A Bit of History
Our cat’s full name is Goat Cheese Lentils. We named her after a dish we had many years ago in London (St. John). We got this Calico at a pet shelter in city of Dublin 6 months after purchasing our home in Alameda. Her pet shelter name was “Autumn” and she was 2 years old when we adopted her. We hated her given name. Given the fact that she had a blend of different colors and a white chest — Goat Cheese Lentils seemed like the perfect fit.It is hard to believe she is 7 years now. Truly, it took me a full year to like her. As Lentils is our first cat, we had no idea that cats had jumping abilities. We were impressed when we found her above the refrigerator one day munching away on the supply of cat food.Like/Dislikes/Characteristics
She talks a lot. She responds well to food. She isn’t the most intelligent animal but — is trainable. This means that with the right motivator (food) we are able to train her to sit, shake, and lay down. She enjoys sitting in boxes, on mail, plastic bags, and on warm thighs. She loves to hear her name and when in the right mood – trots over when you acknowledge her in a high pitched voice.The sun is her friend. Purchasing a tinker free automatic feeder has created quality of life for all. Her biggest achievement to date is using the human bathroom -although we decided that she’s better off using the the cat litter box.

Lentils knows her worth. She is a constant reminder that if you expect to be loved you will be loved. Love you Lentils.






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