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Not A Bubble.

The well respected – Warren Buffet announced on April 30th at an annual meeting in Omaha that he does not believe the US is not in a real estate bubble. Although purchasing a home today is not nearly as good of a deal as compared to 2012 – he does think it is a good time to buy.  He was speaking about the US real estate as a whole.

Here in the trenches of the East Bay market, I have noticed that there are still multiple bids on properties. Real estate needs to be looked at in different segments. Homes that are listed above $1.3M may not be getting as many bids whereas anything below is $1M are still quite competitive.

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Broker’s Tour
Ever since I joined the Rick Ricketta team at Alain Pinel Realtors, I have been highly encouraged to go on Broker’s Tour. Broker’s Tour is a similar concept to open house for realtors. We are able to see the newly added inventory on the market and interact face to face with the listing agents.Here in the Oakland and Berkeley area – we have Broker’s Tour on Monday (Central Oakland and East Oakland) and Thursdays (El Cerrito, Berkeley area, Oakland Hills, North Oakland) from about 10am-1pm. Here are some reasons why I am committed to going on tour:Reconnaissance for my clients. Going through the broker’s tour list allows me to actively think about properties that may be a good fit for my clients. Broker’s tour is on my schedule twice a week – I try not to miss out.

Network and share.  The real estate community in Oakland and Berkeley is a very tight knit community. I have found that as I go on tour more – I see a lot of active agents. Face time is critical when building relationships. When it comes to writing an offer, knowing that I have interacted with a fellow agent I feel increases our chances of having an offer accepted (all things being equal).

Home Inspiration. I like to keep physical and mental notes of what is great or challenging about a home. It gives me ideas that I can use for future listings and future buyer clients who may want need handy recommendations for improving the look and feel of their future home.

Cupcakes, Sushi, Cheese, Crackers – even Easter Ham! There is no shortage of food on tour during the busy season.




 Keeping It Local




A Charles Schwab survey of 1,000 Bay Area investors examines local sentiment on economy and personal finances.

  • Local residents think it takes more than double the net worth to be considered wealthy in the Bay Area than it does in the rest of the country
  • Nearly all Bay Area residents believe the local cost of living is unreasonable
  • What residents say are the Bay Area’s best assets: tech industry, weather, food and dining

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Water Views In The East Bay Corridor 




Here are a few interesting spots that will give you a chance to relax by the water without going too far  – be it lake, estuary, or bay.

Lake Chalet Just on Lake Merritt is Lake Chalet. They serve food, drinks and a have a killer pier. Getting out on their pier will give you feeling of being on a boat.

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park I have yet to visit this park – but apparently you can spend a day with the iconic Oakland cranes. This park is 38 acres with large green expanses and views of the San Francisco skyline . Picnic anyone?

Mosley’s Cafe  A few months ago, while driving home on the island, a saw a few signs out that pointed to a very hidden cafe.  It’s a nice little nook to get a view of the estuary and watch rower’s come and go. On a food note, they have french toast that will keep you satiated.






Personal Notes
I have had a busy April and May of real estate and just ran a very challenging Big Sur 21 mile run. It’s been a very exciting month to say the least. Here are a couple of shout outs!Congrats to R&K on their Hayward open concept home! It give me great pleasure to represent close friends in a transaction.Congrats to B&M on their spacious Upper Fruitvale abode. May you create many sweet memories in the next few years to come.

Congrats to Moni on her West Oakland condo of independence. You are a sweet soul and I am here for you.

Contrast to C&A on their off market Lower Rockridge home. Everything just kind of lined up – miracles do happen.




Top Photo – Redwood Regional Park
Not a Bubble
What We Love And Hate About The Bay Area
Water Views In The East Bay Corridor
Lake Chalet
Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
Mosley’s Cafe





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