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01/14/16  Deborah S. said:

We (that’s my boyfriend and I) feel so lucky that we came across Melody at an Open House in Sept. 2015. We had just started our house search and getting our feet wet by going to open houses on Sundays and seeing what we liked and didn’t like in the Oakland Area. At all of the open house the first question we were always asked was ‘who were we working with’. Once they learned it was no one they would give us their card and say to call them. It always felt a little sleazy and too salesman pitchy. This was not at all the case when we met Melody. I instantly liked that she was very approachable, honest and you could tell that man she is hard working (plus I liked that she was a women #WhoRuleTheWorld). She set up a time for us all to view a few houses so she could get a feel for what we liked and were looking for. She walked us through the process in a very digestible way and asked us a lot of questions and really listened. For the next few months we went to open houses and gave Melody a low down on pro’s and con’s for each one we looked at. Also, during this time she put us in touch with a very good loan officer to get our loan approved so we could go in strong with an offer (when we were ready, of course).
Then one magical day, Melody asked if we wanted to see a house in Oakland that her friend had told her about that she thought we might like and boy did we like it! She walked us through every step of the offer process and always made recommendations, but accepted whatever terms we were most comfortable with. Then everything started to move quickly and the rest is history.
Thanks to Melody we were able to purchase in one of the toughest markets in the country and have a home that we are happy with at a price we felt comfortable. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking, sweet, on her sh*t Realtor, Melody is your gal! We really couldn’t have asked for anything more.


1/15/16 Keenan J. said:

I only have good things to say about Melody after buying our first home with her help. We met her at her associates open house. She has a tech background and likes to know how things work. With that said, she comes to the table with her research done. She took the time to understand our wants and needs were for a home. She also would send us a list of open houses in the Oakland area, that really helped cause we could go on our own and really know what was available. I would definitely use her services again and have recommended her to a few people already. Thanks Melody!!!

11/17/15  Juan C. said:

Melody was a great help! My wife and I were new to the home buying process and Melody helped us through it all and made it very easy. We just bought a house in Oakland with her help and we couldn’t be happier. She’s very organized and keeps you updated with every step in the home buying process which we appreciated very much. Very friendly and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

10/19/15  Ana L. said:

Melody helped us purchase our second home recently and without a doubt we can say that it was her hard work and persistence that helped us get the house we now own and love so much.

From meeting us on a late Sunday night to show us the house we now call our own, preparing comparisons and going through disclosure reports within hours after that first home visit, preparing the best offer for us that we felt comfortable presenting, fighting wholeheartedly during negotiation with the sellers for the best purchase price, pushing the bank diplomatically to approve our loan quickly to meet our deadlines, and finally encouraging us to continue with the process even when we had lost hope due to many roadblocks along the escrow process; she was with us all the way, everyday and every hour of the day. She got the house for us!

If you are looking for a Real Estate warrior, Melody is the one!

09/17/15  Stuart L. said:

Melody was awesome – she made buying our house an easy process from start to move-in. My wife and I are new to the Bay Area and there are many things that we did not know about the market but Melody kept us straight throughout.

Melody is a great communicator and always kept us informed. We were successful on the second house we bid on and under the current conditions. We feel like we got great, impartial, honest attention from the first meeting to closing the deal!

We would not hesitate to recommend.

Thanks Melody for all you did for us.

07/22/15  Travis S. said:

I can’t say enough about my experience with Melody. My partner and I were looking for our first home, and from start to finish, Melody was there for us. Real estate is a crowded business, and it’s not hard to find an agent, but it is hard to find one as genuine as Melody. She is devoted to helping you navigate the choppy waters of a seller’s market when you are a first-time buyer. Her signature is keeping you informed throughout the process. She sits you down to make sure you understand every step of buying a home – from financing, to searching for homes, to making an offer, to closing escrow. She works hard. She is honest. She does her homework. When we hit a bump in the road – our appraisal came in lower than expected – Melody was there for us. We ended up asking the seller to make up for some of the difference by lowering the price, and evidently Melody’s strong relationship with the selling agent paid off, because the sellers accepted our proposal. When we closed on the condo, we invited her to come celebrate with us that very night. That’s how much we had grown to appreciate her. If you are tired of overly slick agents who are only interested in their commission, look no further. Melody is the real deal.

07/19/15  Kerry K. said:

We adored Melody.  We met Melody at an Open House she was hosting in Oakland.  We were immediately struck by her friendliness and guilelessness.  This was our first time buying a house and every real estate agent we met I felt had something up their sleeve.  I always felt they wanted me to buy something more than I could afford, use their very own special mortgage agent.  I never felt that with Melody.  At our first meeting, she sat us down and explained the whole buying process to us, which was so helpful for first time home buyers.  She had a RealScout website that sent us listings in our price range every week.  She met us on weekday mornings, evenings, Saturdays to show us places so that we didn’t have to see 12 places from 2-4pm on Sunday in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville.  The mortgage agent she recommended was also super fast and experienced.  I felt that Melody always did great research with comps so that her recommendation for offer price was always right on.  She’d ask her colleagues, run comps, talk to the selling agent.  She had great rapport with the selling agent also.  And you know what?  If she didn’t know something, she’d say, I don’t know.  Let me get back to you.  And she did.  She didn’t just make shit up, which we felt like so many people in real estate do.  We got our offer accepted on our 2nd offer, which was INCREDIBLE.  My friends kept telling us the process will take up to a year.  Other people we knew who were buying in a less competitive market made 8-10 offers before they got anything.  The fact that we got a place by the 2nd offer in an insane market (June 2015) is unheard off.  We bought a condo we love in Old Oakland.  The phrase that kept coming to mind for us, was above and beyond, which is what we felt like Melody did for us.  We feel so lucky we picked Melody.  If you want someone who works hard for you, does their homework and isn’t trying to get you to do something you don’t want, you should go with Melody.  We would totally recommend Melody to our friends.